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Bonus and money tournaments in SPADES
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Play Spades online. Two player game.

play online spades

Two-player online Spades that you can play on this site is completely collusion-proof - it is an exciting card game of skill for serious players.
A standard pack of 52 cards is used. The cards in each suit, rank from lowest to highest: 2, 3, .., 10, J, Q, K, A. In two-player spades there is no deal. Instead, the deck is placed face-down in the middle and two players take turns to draw 13 cards each. At your turn, you draw the top card. You look at this open card and decide whether you want to keep it or discard it. If you want to keep it you put it in your hand, and then the next card that you could have drawn is shown to you discarded. If you decide not to keep the first card, you discard in the discard pile to the right and then draw and keep the next card.
During playing the Spades game non-dealer leads any card except a spade as the first trick. Opponent must follow suit if able; if unable to follow suit, opponent may play any card.
The goal in Spades is to be the first to score the agreed-upon number of points (default - 300 points).
You can play spades for free or join money tournaments to win cash prize. No installation required.

Play Spades online

To play:
  1. Press 'Play spades online' now
  2. Login. New players just enter their desired user name and password
  3. Select 'Main Hall' link to enter playing room
See Spades screenshots 80% of actual size. Click on images.

Spades Tournaments information: We ask you to login to play Spades - you can play for free all the time or play for money. To play for money you purchase playing tickets and participate to win head-to-head tournaments in Spades.   In head-to-head tournaments (games for stake) you play against other players. The winner takes all.   Read more about cash tournaments and games   If you are a new player just invent your user name, password and start playing.