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Gin Rummy is a card game for two people. A game consists of a series of hands, and it ends when a player accumulates 100 or more points. Then, the final scores are calculated and the player with the higher score is the winner. On this site you can play Gin Rummy against other people worldwide. You can play regular gin-rummy, gin only games, oklahoma gin, select from 100 to 500 point games.
You can play gin-rummy for free or join money tournaments to win cash prize. No installation required.

Play Gin Rummy online

Gin Rummy rules. How to play Gin Rummy

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To play:
  1. Press 'Play gin rummy online' now
  2. Login. New players just enter their desired user name and password
  3. Select 'Main Hall' link to enter playing room
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Gin Rummy Tournaments information: We ask you to login to play Gin Rummy - you can play for free all the time or play for money. To play for money you purchase playing tickets and participate to win head-to-head tournaments in Gin Rummy.   In head-to-head tournaments (games for stake) you play against other players. The winner takes all.   Read more about cash tournaments and games   If you are a new player just invent your user name, password and start playing.