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What are Tournament $Tickets?
Arcade-Style Tourneys

Tournament $Tickets

You can play all the games, like Dominoes or Backgammon for free all the time without limitations. And you can also purchase playing $Tickets for additional benefits.

Playing $Tickets are equivalent of money to play games or tournaments for cash. Just as in real land-based tournaments, players pay an entry fee to participate. Entry fees range from 50 cents to $100. A winner collects a prize based on the total tournament prize-pot, comprised of entry fees.

The simplest way to start playing games for $Tickets is a Mini-Tourney. Mini-tourneys are fast-paced 2-player tournaments in the games of skill that you can play in all of the playing rooms. If you played games, like for example gin-rummy or backgammon for free you can also try to play them for $Tickets - just select playing for $Tickets in Table Creation Dialog and choose your stake for this game.

So entry fees are paid in a form of Tournament $Tickets, that must first be purchased (via Buy $Tickets button). $Tickets are available in five packages below. Each ticket costs $1(USD) plus minimal applicable bank charges and processing fees, summarized as follows:
5 $Tickets for -- $5.95
10 $Tickets for -- $10.95
25 $Tickets for -- $26.95
50 $Tickets for -- $51.95
100 $Tickets for -- $103.95

Players with $Tickets in their accounts also enjoy extra benefits: playing rooms for them are never 'full', they have no advertising distractions, they have superior & timely support & they can play in TD-supervised multi-player tournaments.

1 $Ticket = $1 USD.
Players may cash-out their $Tickets at any time (rate: 1 $Ticket = $1 USD) or use them to win instant CA$H prizes in Tournaments and Mini-Tourneys online.

There are no charges for withdrawals or 'conversion' of Tickets in your account back to cash. Simply click 'Manage your Account' link and select the "Cash-Out" option.


To play Mini-tourneys for $Tickets you need to play several free games to be sure you are familiar with the game rules and a way it is played.

Mini-tourneys are fast-paced 2-player tournaments in the games of skill that you can play in all of the playing rooms. All Mini-tourneys are played for Tickets -- only VIP players (with Tickets) can play in a Mini-tourney against each other.

VIP members who hold Tickets are shown in blue with a $ sign in-front of their Screen Name. The winner of the Mini-tourney receives a prize based on the collected total entry fees in Tickets with a small commission fee.

If you are a VIP player with Tickets, you can easily set-up your own Mini-tourney by creating a Table with one extra option -- an 'entry fee' in Tickets. You'd be able to select an entry fee (from 0.5 Tickets to 15 Tickets). You would need to read, understand and fully agree to be bound by our Terms and Conditions agreement and indicate the above by placing a checkmark in Table Options.

Once the Mini-tourney starts, the agreed-upon entry fees for both players get deducted. If the Mini-tourney ends in a draw or gets aborted, the entry fees get immediately refunded to both players. The winner of the Mini-tourney receives a prize based on the percentage of combined entry fees (see commissions). All of the above transactions are immediately reflected in your account statement ( accessible from 'Manage Account') and on the game table - for 'your eyes only'.

Arcade-Style Tourneys

Arcade-style Tournaments are held for Solitaire, FreeCell, Rush-21, Poker-Rush, Lines-Collapse, Pharaoh's Treasure, Mahjong, Pool-Rush, Aqua-Rush, BuckMan, Pyramids and Pyramid-13 games.

In Arcade-style Tournaments, you can play and compete against other players. A player who gets the highest score in a Tournament wins & gets the $Prize Pot!

$Ticket Arcade Tournaments can be either: (1) Instant $Prizes or (2) Jackpot.
Instant $Prizes Tournaments involve a pre-set number of participants (between 2 and 10). The tournament ends when the last player finishes his/her game. Top score earns a guaranteed $Prize! Jackpot Tournaments end at a pre-set Finish time.
For Progressive Jackpot tournaments, the jackpot grows as each player enters the Tournament. The more players, the bigger the Prize Jackpot! A handy link next to every Progressive Jackpot Tournament illustrates $Prize Jackpot and its distribution (as it varies with different number of participants).

Tournaments have a variety of entry fees listed. You'll see multiple tournaments with their entry fees listed. Select a tournament in your price range, and join!

Once you complete the tournament, you will be automatically directed to the Tournament Standings page for this Tournament. It may take some time for your opponents to fill up the tournament & finish their games there. In this case, the Tournament Standings page will display that winner has not been declared yet. At any other time, you can also view the tournaments that you've participated in by selecting the "Manage Account" button, then selecting "View My Completed Tournaments". While the tournament is in progress, only players who have registered for the tournament can view that tournament's standings. If you WON a Tournament, you'll be (1) notified by email and (2) the Prize will be automatically deposited into your personal Account. You can also view the winners of each tournament you participate in by selecting the "Manage Account" link, and then selecting the "View my Completed Tournaments" link.