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Dominoes is a tile game for 2 players consisting of 28 dominos, each player gets 7 dominos. There are 3 versions of online domino games: Five-Up (Muggins Dominoes or All Fives), Draw and Block Dominoes.
This game is good both for casual and for tournament playing. Object of the Game is to be the first person to attain the agreed-upon number of points (100 - 500). Points may be awarded during the play of the hand by making the exposed ends of the chain total to a multiple of five (in Five-Up Domino). The winner at the end of each hand also scores points for all the pips remaining in the other player's hand. Players can also select between 7-bone hand and 9-bone hand.
You can play dominoes for free or join money tournaments to win cash prize. No installation required.

Play Dominoes online

All-Fives Dominoes Rules
Block Dominoes Rules
Draw Dominoes Rules

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To play:
  1. Press 'Play dominoes online' now
  2. Login. New players just enter their desired user name and password
  3. Select 'Main Hall' link to enter playing room
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Dominoes Tournaments information: We ask you to login to play Dominoes All Fives (all5), Block, Draw games - you can play for free all the time or play for money. To play for money you purchase playing tickets and participate to win head-to-head tournaments in Dominoes.   In head-to-head tournaments (games for stake) you play against other players. The winner takes all.   Read more about cash tournaments and games   If you are a new player just invent your user name, password and start playing.