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Bonus and money tournaments in PYRAMID-13
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Pyramid-13 Solitaire is a popular solitaire game with a fancy idea and a great scoring system. The object of Pyramid-13 Solitaire is to clear a Pyramid by clicking open cards that sum up to 13 points. You can click on any open card to select or deselect it. When the point sum of selected cards equals 13, these cards are dropped (discarded).
A player can get a higher score by clearing each pyramid faster with fewer rotations of the draw pile. The color or suits make no difference. There are 2 decks with one Joker per deck. Joker can be used for clearing any card except King. Card values are: King:13 (discarded as a single card), Queen:12, Jack:11, Ace:1, number cards are worth their face value.
You can play Pyramid-13 Solitaire for free - for bonus Tickets or join money tournaments to win cash prize. No installation required.

Play Pyramid-13 online

To play:
  1. Press 'Play Pyramid-13 online' now
  2. Login. New players just enter their desired user name and password
  3. Then press 'Play now' button to enter playing room
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Pyramid-13 Solitaire Tournaments information: We ask you to login to play Pyramid-13 Solitaire - if you get high score while playing any game you can win Arcade Tournament in Pyramid-13 and Cash-Prize Pot.   In Arcade-style tournaments you play and compete against other players. A player who gets the highest score in a Tournament wins and gets Cash-Prize Pot!   Read more about cash tournaments and games   If you are a new player just invent your user name, password and start playing.