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Cribbage HTML5 game. Play Cribbage online on PC, iPhone, Android

Cribbage HTML5 game

Introducing a new Cribbage game - HTML5 game to play Cribbage on any computer, phone, tablet online. Use the same client to play Cribbage on PC Desktops, Apple computers, iPhone and iPad, on Android and Windows phones and tablets. With HTML5 technology you do not need to download and install any application on your phone, no installation required for your home computer as well to play cribbage with other players - it is just a pure browser-based game. This new cribbage client allows you to play the same games as before, to play for free or to play for money if you want, to participate cribbage tournaments, chat, purchase playing tickets and to do everything as before on the java-based clients or special iPhone or Android clients.

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Fri, 19 Jun 2015 13:00:00 GMT